"God, out of heartache and tragedy, did something great and wonderful." (Pastor Duane Harney)

If you're new to CHC, this is a great place to start! "Our Story" reveals the remarkable journey of CHC and provides a historical timeline of the events God has used to shape who we are. Scroll below to view Our Timeline.



  • 1992: Pastor Duane Harney receives the call of God to become the pastor a small congregation of 20-25 people.
  • 1992: Rented our first church building on Market Street in Germantown.
  • 1993: The church building on Market Street was sold during our occupancy, forcing us to relocate. We then rented the sanctuary of the Dale Wright Memorial Seventh Day Adventist Church, Germantown. We quickly outgrew the sanctuary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and agreed to terms to rent their gymnasium to conduct our services.
  • 1994: Pastor Duane Harney receives the call of God to become the full-time pastor of Community Harvest Church.
  • 1994: Purchased 5 acres at our current location on Weaver Road, Germantown.
  • 1995: Began and completed construction of a 100’x100’ facility.
  • 1996: Moved into our new facility in January of 1996.
  • 1997: 40’ addition constructed to accommodate our growing children’s ministries (included a gymnasium).
  • 1999: Added brick to the front of our facility and constructed a carport.
  • 2003: Purchased an additional 10 acres adjacent to our property.
  • 2006: Paid off the original mortgage.
  • 2008: Completed construction of The Chad Miller Annex, a 50’ addition to accommodate our growing children’s and youth ministries.
  • 2010: Completed construction of our children’s sanctuary to accommodate our growing children’s ministry (converted the gymnasium).
  • 2010: Hosted our inaugural Live Nativity, which has become a popular annual Christmas event.
  • 2011: Launched our Next Step capital campaign to raise funds for future expansion and renovation.
  • 2011: Acquired an additional acre of land via an easement agreement with Germantown.
  • 2011: Completed construction of a 1,500 sq. ft. garage.
  • 2011: Purchased the home and property immediately adjacent to our facility for future expansion.
  • 2012: Completed construction of additional classrooms, bathrooms, Nursery, Connections Cafe, Information Center, Check-in Center, baptistery, lobby and completed our sanctuary extension and renovation.
  • 2014: Completed a parking lot extension to accommodate our growth.
  • 2016: Paid off our construction loan of approximately $1.5 million.
  • 2017: Completed construction of a picnic shelter (compliments of the Fred M. Luther Charitable Trust).
  • FUTURE: As the Lord continues to bless Community Harvest Church, we envision the necessity of adding to our current facilities with an 800-1000 seat sanctuary to accommodate our physical growth and provide sufficient space to promote the spiritual growth of our members and attendees.