Pastor Duane Harney is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Community Harvest Church. He has an evident call of God to oversee the ministry of CHC, a sincere burden to win the lost and a passion for the child of God to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God's Word. During his pastorate, Pastor Duane Harney has led Community Harvest Church from less than 25 people to over 700 people. To learn more about Pastor Duane Harney and the ministry of CHC, please watch "Our Story."

Pastor Duane Harney's education includes:

* Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Preaching

* Masters Degree in Ministry

* Bachelors Degree in Theology and Religious Arts

Joyce Harney is the wife of Pastor Duane Harney and has served as the Worship Arts Minister of CHC since its beginning in 1992. 

Pastor Duane and Joyce have 3 children: Aaron (1989-1992), Nathanael and Naomi.