China Missions Partnership was birthed in the heart of Faith Alexander as a result of a journey to China in
April, 2010. After witnessing the need, the Lord impressed upon Faith to establish a missions partnership to provide resources for Chinese nationals to reach their country for Christ. The challenge the Lord laid upon Faith's heart was to encourage others to partner with her at $5.00 per month to support China missions. Why only $5.00? So everyone can participate! For most, $5.00 can easily be accumulated by simply putting aside some change each month. What will your $5.00 per month do?


1. Support Pastors

The first of these pastors will be Pastor Zhang Lin. Pastor Zhang is originally from Anhui which is in eastern China. He has been a Pastor, teacher and evangelist for many years. He was also a very successful Chinese businessman. One day he heard the Lord speak to him and tell him that he was to give up his business mind and fully devote his life to ministry. If he did this, the Lord encouraged him that he would be provided for.  Zhang gave up his businesses with great joy and he and his wife ventured into ministry full-time with the underground house-church in Anhui. He has been in prison many times for preaching the Gospel. At one point when he was in prison for several months, he became such a blessing to the prison that the prison guards would come to him and ask him to come minister to other prisoners who had problems in their lives that the guards could not deal with. The guards even transported him to a women's prison one day to deal with a woman who was demon possessed. God moved mightily through Zhang. The demon possessed woman was delivered and the entire cell block received salvation! Before Zhang was released from this prison, all the men in his cell block had received Jesus as Savior! When his release day came, Zhang sat in his cell and refused to leave, saying, "God is doing such a mighty work in this prison that I believe I should stay." The guards had to physically remove him from the cell!


2. Support the Children’s Home in Zheng Zhou, China

It currently requires nearly $1,000.00/mo. to operate the children's home. We would like to help Healing Rain World Outreach with this endeavor. By rescuing abandoned children from train stations and various places throughout the cities of China, the children's home can protect the children from human trafficking and childhood prostitution, and train them up in the Lord.


3. Send support to the villagers of the Himalayans

While visiting in the village, I asked Asa, one of the ministers to the mountain people, to share his vision with me. He told me his vision is to see to it that every village had a church. There is already one Community Harvest Church of China, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Asa’s vision come to fruition and to be part of seeing to it that every village had their own church. Mountain villages can be miles apart.


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