Pastor Duane Harney has served
Senior Pastor of Community
Church since its beginning

  in 1992. For Pastor Duane Harney's
  full bio, please visit Our Pastor.

  Pastor Allen Harney is Pastor Duane
  Harney's father and serves as the
  Sr. Associate Pastor and Business
  Administrator of CHC. He has served
  CHC since its beginning in 1992.

  Pastor Brandon & Brittany Miller
our POPTOWN Children's
  Ministry and 180 Student Ministry.

  Brandon also serves as a drummer
our Worship Arts Ministry.

  Danny Mayhon currently serves as
  our 33:3 Prayer Ministry leader and
  is a counselor on the Pastoral Care

  Phil Morton currently serves as our
  Sunday University adult education

  coordinator, is active in the teaching
  ministry at CHC and is a member of
  the Pastoral Care Ministry.

  Linda Woolery has served as the
  Community Harvest Church financial
  secretary since its beginning in 1992,
  and serves as an event coordinator for
  many of our big day events.

  Joyce Harney is the wife of Pastor
  Duane Harney and has served as the
  1st Lady and Worship Arts Minister
CHC since its beginning in 1992.

  Pastor Larry McClure serves as our
  Assimilation Pastor, is a teaching
  pastor and serves as a member of
  the Worship Arts and
Pastoral Care

  Allen Miller has served at CHC since
  being saved under the ministry of
  Pastor Duane Harney in 1994,
  including preaching, evangelism,
  Worship Arts and
Creative Ministries.

  Pastor Jim Swartzel serves as our
  Harvesters Senior Adults Pastor,
  and is active in evangelism.
He is
  well known for saying, "Jesus and
  Jimmy loves you!"

  Mike Holland currently serves as
  our Guest Connections Ministry leader
is a counselor on the Pastoral

  Shannon Helton provides assistance
  to Sr. Pastor Duane Harney and the

  Pastoral Staff, and serves as a teacher
  in our POPTOWN Children's Ministry.